Board (2)

How do I get on the board?

All homeowners are invited and encouraged to become board members. Board members are elected to a three year term. Board members have usually been an advisory board member before stepping up to the board. Advisory board members serve a one year term. There is no limit to the length of terms for advisory members. Call any board member to be put on meeting mailing list.

What does the board do?

The board addresses any restriction violation. The board oversees the entrance landscaping, and arranges for the common areas to be mowed. The board oversees two annual free yard waste and trash pickups. The board oversees an annual Christmas decorating contest. Currently, the board has arranged for street numbers to be painted on curbing, at no additional cost to the homewners. The board entertains and wecomes any suggestions from homeowners that will further enhance our subdivision.

Dues (2)

How much are association dues?

Dues are $65 annually–a reminder is sent to homeowners each June 1.

What happens if my dues are not paid?

A lien is filed against your property.

Restrictions (3)

Can I put up a storage shed in my backyard?

No, check out restriction #2.

My neighbor’s dogs constantly bark–can the association do something about this?

This is not covered in the restrictions. Try calling city code enforcement at 816-271-5342.